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    Hi all, i moved to chippenham 2ish weeks ago! Im an infrastructure and Security Architect, i specialize in cloud security but i consider myself very experienced in Windows OS, ive done some work in Linux and enjoy playing with Kali linux (if you know – you know) but happy to mess about with any distro. I am big into Home Automation, Zigbee networking / Z-Wave. I am fascinated but not amazing at networking.
    I have done some 3D modelling in Rhino, autoCAD, i have experience with Photoshop, Web hosting, Domains, DNS, pretty much all Enterprise IT. I ran a 2KW laser cutter for a while (as you do).
    i love problem solving.
    I have limited experience in metal working – i can weld…..badly, im awful at wood working and really love cars!
    Feel free to reach out if you think i can help you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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