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    I’ve been using a free resource called Tinkercad to learn about electronics, circuits, Arduino and coding.

    It’s a simulator so you don’t have to buy anything, nor will you have to spend time fault finding for loose components or duff sensors. You select, drag and drop components and wires and there is an IDE for entering the code and then you can run the code and circuit.

    They have a lot of tutorials that you can follow and I’ve found it useful for getting to grips with some of the basics.

    Whilst the range of components is not comprehensive, it’s possible to prototype some of your own ideas before buying components and assembling them.


    Hi, that looks interesting, see it uses Scratch in there. I have some left over kits (about 6) consisting of a Arduino Nano, a mounting board (shield allows plug in of standard RC servos) a wallwart (not strictly needed as the USB can supply power for one or two servos) and a USB cable, that can get you started, only need a servo to make something interesting. Happy to donate to beginners to try to see if their code works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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