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Haydn Brown

Hello everyone, I am Haydn Brown, an undergraduate engineer who is currently in my fourth year of studying Engineering at the Dyson Institute of Engineering Technology.

Passionate about 3D visualization and graphics, I spend some of my time learning new programs. I am already familiar with SketchUp, OnShape, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Siemens NX, and I am currently learning Blender and Unreal Engine.

In terms of skills and knowledge, I am a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. In highschool, I took many courses in STEM fields, including Manufacturing Engineering, where I gained experience in the workshop, using bandsaws, pillar drills, planing machines, sanders, welders, plasma cutting tables, oxy-acetylene torches, forging metal, and some sheet metal design. Also during this time, I lead the school’s robotics club, working with hobbyist electronics, such as Arduino and 3D printing chassis and components for the robots.

In terms of coding, I have experience with some experience with a variety of coding languages listed in order of experience:
Lots of experience
– Arduino
– LabView
– Python
– C
Very little experience

Overall, I have mastery of very little, but I am willing to help out where possible and learn from others when the opportunity presents itself.